Media Massage and Body Therapy provides a full range of massage services including spa treatments, stress and anxiety relief and chronic pain support.

We tend to think with our minds more than we feel with our bodies. Yet our bodies take on stress, trauma, and exhaustion which leads to chronic discomfort, loss of energy, and poor sleep. Massage, yoga and body work help balance the body and mind to provide a greater sense of ease and vitality.

We look forward to bringing you the benefits that quality massage and body work can provide.

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You will notice below that I am trained in quite a few different types of bodywork.  If you are unsure of what you are looking for or have a specific issue, please Contact Me. We can always decide what would be best for you, or mix in a few types for your session.

60 minutes………………….$85.00
90 minutes………………..$125.00

Swedish and Deep Tissue

Swedish is the classic and most common technique of massage. Swedish combines long, flowing strokes with varying degrees of pressure and specific focus to improve circulation and relaxation. Deep tissue focuses on underlying muscles to reduce knots and break up adhesions.

Vishesh – Ayurveda Bodywork

+$20 for initial session then +$10 for the medicinal oils for following sessions

Vishesh is a vigorous herbal oil treatment customized based on your constitutional dosha and imbalances. The initial session consists of determining your dosha, identifying any imbalances you may be experiencing, and explaining options for the treatment. This Ayurvedic treatment breaks up deep adhesions, moves prana, and facilitates energy movement in the body.

Energy Work or Reiki

Reiki and energy work can provide insight to blockages, connection with chakra centers and deep relaxation of the mind and body. The session is quiet and subtle, with a series of gentle holds from the head to the feet.

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Locations & Hours

By appointment only


Indigo Healing Arts Collective

110 Park Avenue
2nd floor
Swarthmore, Pa 19081

A light-filled space offering yoga, massage and counseling near the Swarthmore train station.

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To schedule an appointment, or request information, please fill out the form below. I will respond within 24 hours. Thank you!